POCHA IS BACK (Austin, TX) Menu:

Spam & Egg(스팸&계란구이) $14.99
Spam & Grilled Eggs
Rice Cake(Tteokbokki/떡볶이) $13.99
Rice cake, Fish Cake,With Hot Sauce
Egg Tots(에그타트) $11.99
Potato Tots,Cheese,Fried Egg, On Top Sour Cream & Ketchup
French Fried(감자튀김) $7.99
Steamed Egg(계란찜) $11.99
Eggs well beaten with salted shrimp and seasoned with salt and steamed in a hot pot
Roll Egg(Rolled Omelet/계란말이) $14.99
Eggs mixed with chopped green onions, carrots, and onions, fried and rolled up
Ramen(라면) $8.99
Korean Ramen
Edamame(에다마메) $7.99
Korean Style Blood Sausage $22.99
Pajeon(해물파전) $16.99
Korean seafood and green onion pancakes
Kimchi Jeon(김치전) $16.99
Kimchi Korean Style Pancake / Kimchi pancake
Corn Cheese(콘치즈) $9.99
Corn cheese is a Korean dish made of sweet corn and mozzarella cheese
Seaweed Salad(해초샐러드) $11.99
Shrimp Tempura(새우튀김) $16.99
Deep-Fried Battered Shrimps(8psc)
Squid Tempura(오징어튀김) $16.99
Deep-Fried Battered Squid
Fried Dumpling(야끼만두) $11.99
Fried Seaweed Spring Rolls(김말이) $14.99
Fried Glass Noodles Wrapped in Seaweed
Gizzard Tempura With Garlic(통마늘 닭똥집 튀김) $14.99
Fried Chicken Wing(프라이드 치킨윙) $24.99
10Pcs Fried Chicken Wing
Sweet & Mild Chicken Wing(양념 치킨윙) $24.99
10Pcs Marinated Special Sauce
Soy Garlic Chicken Wing(간장 마늘 치킨윙) $24.99
10Pcs Marinated Special Sauce
Fried Boneless Chicken(프라이드 순살치킨) $24.99
Boneless Skinless Thighs
Sweet & Mild Boneless Chicken(양념 순살치킨) $24.99
Soy & Garlic Boneless Chicken(간장&마늘 순살치킨) $24.99
Soy Garlic Boneless Chicken / Served in a Savory Sauce With a Mild Tang of Garlic
Pork Katsu(돈까스) $19.99
Chicken Katsu(치킨까스) $19.99
Squid Stir-Fried(오징어볶음) $24.99
Stir-Fried Squid & Assorted Veggies Marinated Special Sauce
Sausage & Vegetable(소세지 야채볶음) $16.95
Stir-Fried Sausage and Vegetable
Gizzard & Garlic(통마늘 닭똥집볶음) $14.95
Stir-Fried Gizzard With Whole Garlic
Jeyuk Bokkeum(제육볶음) $26.99
Spicy Stir-Fried Pork / Assorted Veggies Marinated Special Sauce
Bulgogi(불고기) $24.99
Slices of Beef Marinated Special Sauce
Pork Bulgogi(돼지불고기) $24.99
Slices of Pork Marinated Special Sauce
Pork Belly(삼겹살) $24.99
Slices of Fresh Pork Belly
Lateral Axis Galbi(LA Galbi/LA갈비) $26.99
Marinated Three-Born-in Beef Rib Slices
Grilled Mackerel(고등어구이) $18.99
Mackerel Sprinkled With Coarse Sea Salt and Grilled or Pan-Fried
Steam Squid(오징어 숙회) $18.99
Boiled squid is a dish of boiled squid seasoned with seasoned vinegar and red pepper paste
Sea Squirt Sushi(멍게회) $29.99
Eel(장어) $29.99
Grilled Seasoned Eel
Bossam(보쌈) $34.99
Slices of Steamed Pork Served With Pickled Radish Kimchi
Gamjatang(감자탕) $34.99
Broth Made From Pork Backbone, Steamed Potatoes Assorted Vegetables and Splash of Spice With a Dash of Korean Chili Powder
Budae Jeongol(부대전골) $34.99
Ham,Beef Sausage, a Slice of Cheese With Ramen Noodles in Spicy Beef Stock}
Seafood Jjamppong Jeongol(해물 짬뽕전골) $34.99
Seafood Mix, Mix Vegetables, Udon Noodles in Spicy Stock
KimChi Hot Pot(김치전골) $34.99
Kimchi and Other Ingredients, Such As Pork or Scallions, Onions, and Tofu. It is One of The Most Common Stews in Korean Cuisine
Cheese Rice Cake Set Combo(치즈 떡볶이 범벅세트) $24.99
Rice Cake, Fish Cake, Fried Dumpling and Fried Seaweed Spring Rolls
Cheese Buldak(불닭치즈) $29.99
Stir Fried Chicken and Add Cheese, Marinated Spicy Korean Special Sauce
Tuna(참치 초무침) $34.99
Marinated Sweet and Sour Spicy Sauce With Vegetable and Tuna
Tuna Poke( Hawaiian style)(참치 포케) $34.99
Marinated Soy Sauce and Garlic and Sesame Oil With Wasabi
Sweet and Sour Squid Salad(오징어 초무침) $26.99
Marinated Sweet and Sour Spicy Sauce With Vegetable and Squid
Sweet and Sour Whelk Salad(골뱅이 초무침) $26.99
Marinated Sweet and Sour Spicy Sauce With Vegetable and Whelk
Sweet and Sour Sea Squirt Salad(멍게 초무침) $29.99
Marinated Sweet and Sour Spicy Sauce With Vegetable and Sea Squirt
Dried Pollock(찢어발긴 먹태) $26.99
Grilled Dried Pollock With Sauce
Dry Squid & Peanuts(오징어&땅콩) $26.99
Seasoned Filefish & Peanuts(쥐포&땅콩) $26.99
Beef Jerkr & Peanuts(육포&땅콩) $26.99
Fish Cake Soup(오뎅탕) $16.99
Mussel Soup(홍합탕) $16.99
Clam Soup(조개탕) $16.99
spicy pupa soup(번데기탕) $14.99
Pupa is a high-protein Korean food in which the pupae of silkworm moths are cooked by boiling them with spices


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